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Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

Weighted Slider Ab Crusher (Endurance Strength)

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    Do you need to focus on single leg stability? Trick question because EVERY BODY needs to! Grab your Stoked Band and get ready for a basic (= foundational) routine that sneaks up on you with it’s burn factor.Try this sequence to help improve your single leg stability, proprioception, and balance. ...

  • Slider Band Bridge Burnout

    Grab your Super Duper Stoked Band and Stoked Sliders for this next level glute and hamstring fix. Not only will your gluteus medius (side booty) see some serious action but your hamstrings will be feeling the love as well with walkouts and hammy slider curls. This 10 minute sizzler works fabulous...

  • Biceps Burnout

    How do you make isolated biceps work more exciting and effective? Incorporate Stoked Supersets of weights (medium/heavy) followed directly by Super Size Stoked Band work..and add Gary to the mix! No doubt your abs will get as much of a workout as your biceps.

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