Lower Body

Lower Body

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Lower Body
  • Glutes 1 (Endurance Strength)

    Fine tune your glutes

  • Glutes 2 (Endurance Strength)

    Fine tune your glutes starting in prone position.

  • Glutes 3 (Endurance Strength)

    Embrace the burn as you fine-tune your glutes in fold-over position

  • Glutes 4 (Endurance Strength)

    Fine Tune your glutes to the MAX with this precise, form focused workout.

  • Lower Body Fire 2

    Challenge your heart and entire lower body (legs & glutes) with this high energy finisher/movement snack.

  • Lower Body Fire (Cardio)

    Challenge your heart and lower body with this non-stop high energy finsiher

  • Curbside Fine Tuning Glutes

    Drop down and get ready to fire up, finish off, or indulge in a bootylicious #stokedsnack with this no excuse bodyweight glute fine-tuning workout in all fours position.

  • Curbside Bridge Party

    The perfect no equipment #stokedsnack for when you need to wake up/activate your glutes or as a finisher for another KSFIT APP workout. Been sitting too long at your desk? Push play. Feeling like you need a little pick-me-up back there? This snack will satisfy your booty needs. When in doubt...br...

  • Curbside Lower Body/Cardio

    A spicy lower body bodyweight snack that will fire up your legs and glutes while giving you a quick cardio fix. This is a fantastic circuit to rock mid-run or walk or as an add-on to any of the other lower body focused workouts on the app.

  • Curbside Lower Body (Strength)

    The perfect grab-n-go strength circuit for your lower body. Get ready to work your quads, hamstrings and glutes to the point of feeling wonderfully STOKED and beautifully balanced. A great circuit to rock mid-walk or run, or when you need to fire up, or finish off your legs and glutes.