21 Day Stoked Ab Challenge

21 Day Stoked Ab Challenge

21 Seasons

This 21 day Ab Challenge is curated to tap deep into your abs/core by challenging the strength and stability of the powerhouse of your body. Your abs/core will be ignited a slightly different way each day. You’ll find some days are programmed to focus more on your transverse abdominis, while other days will challenge your abs with time under tension and crunch-free standing abdominal work. These workouts can be part of your mix and match scenario for the day or stand alone options, but for 21 days straight, commit to this calendar and get ready to be STOKED to your core!

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21 Day Stoked Ab Challenge
  • Plank Flow (Strength)

    Episode 1

    This full body movement prep series focuses on core strength and mobility. Great as a warm-up or option for a quick exercise snack aka Stoked Snack

  • Ab Blast (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 2

    Get ready to feel the burn with time under tension abdominal work.