Stoked Ab Challenge 4.0

Stoked Ab Challenge 4.0

21 Seasons

The 21-Day Stoked Ab Challenge-4.0 (Fully Loaded!) is designed to take your abs and core to the next level by pushing the boundaries of strength and stability of your body's powerhouse — all while using a curated selection of Stoked Gear. This challenge is designed to ignite your abs in new and innovative ways each day.

Over the course of 21 days, you'll experience a wide variety of workouts that will focus on different aspects of your core. Each day, you'll be challenged in a slightly unique way, whether it's through transverse abdominis work, time under tension exercises, or standing abdominal work.

These workouts can be integrated into a more extensive Stoked Stack or used as standalone options, but we challenge you to commit to the 21-day calendar and feel the transformation in your core.

Get ready to feel the burn and be STOKED to your core like never before!

NOTE — On Day 5, if you do not have the Stoked Sandbell, you may substitute for Pillow Abs. On Day 13 and Day 19, the Ab Wheel workouts are a bonus/optional! Get extra STOKED and add the ab wheel workouts to your day for an extra challenge.

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Stoked Ab Challenge 4.0
  • Stoked Sandbell Abs (Strength)

    Episode 1

    Get ready to work your abs to the MAX with this more advanced offering that will have you conquering weighted hollow holds (rocking your lower abs), kneeling slams, seated rotational slams, weighted dead bugs and more (including a side of upper body work).

    Add a cameo by Gary and KABOOM - next ...

  • Pillow Abs (Strength)

    Episode 2

    Got a pillow? Stoke your abs to the max with this time under tension ab assault using, you guessed it, a pillow for a prop.