Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge

Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge

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Traveling over the long weekend? Looking for a challenging program to get you ready (and STOKED) for summer?

The Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge is designed to keep you STOKED on the go. Grab your most packable, travel-friendly Stoked Gear and get ready to STOKE THE FIRE WITHIN with this intense 5-day challenge.

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Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge
  • Super Size Super Stoked Band Upper Body/Core Snack Attack *back & triceps*

    Episode 1

    Enjoy this quick upper body/core snack focusing on the back, triceps and all-important anti-rotation core work. You will need a place to anchor the band for this one (a pole, hook, door knob, fence etc). This workout is great for activation (prep for another #KSFITAPP workout) , as a finisher OR...

  • Stoked Shred 360 Express 8.0 *bands only* (Strength & Cardio)

    Episode 2

    Challenge your entire body with this express version of your full body favorite Stoked Shred 360 using just Stoked Bands! The perfect full body assault when traveling. Each highly curated block of strength, cardio and core work will challenge you to the max in a smart, progressive, results driven...

  • Jump & Slide Sizzle (Cardio & Slider Strength)

    Episode 3

    Grab your (Stoked) Jump Rope and (Stoked) Sliders and get ready to create some serious FRICTION and STOKE THE FIRE WITHIN with this full-body workout that combines intervals of jumping rope and slider strength and conditioning drills. This one is guaranteed to get you sweating, smiling (laughing)...

  • Ab Ladder (Bodyweight Strength)

    Episode 4

    A descending ladder of sit-ups and mountain climbers. Both moves challenge your abs in different ways: sit-ups in a time under tension manner, mountain climbers as dynamic ab work so again, a superset style ladder.

  • Ball Bridge Burnout (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 5

    Grab your Stoked Ball for this quick fix for your inner thighs and glutes. Great to prep your lower body for your workout or as a finisher.


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