Stoked in 7 - 4.0

Stoked in 7 - 4.0

7 Seasons

Introducing the Stoked in 7 - 4.0 Programs — 3 levels of your favorite 7-day intensive programs. Whether you're a seasoned KSFIT athlete or just embarking on your Stoked journey, the all-new Stoked in 7 - 4.0 programs offer tailored options for every level. The Stoked in 7 - 4.0 (Beginner), Super Stoked in 7 - 4.0 (Intermediate), and Super Duper Stoked in 7 - 4.0 (Advanced) programs provide structured paths to progress, ensuring that no matter where you are on your fitness journey, there's a suitable starting point for you.

You can progress through the existing Stoked in 7 programs (1.0, 2.0, & 3.0) or simply start with the Stoked in 7 - 4.0 program based on your fitness level and desired goals.

Get ready to STOKE the fire within — push play and slay!

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Stoked in 7 - 4.0
  • Wake Up Get Stoked 2.0

    Episode 1

    The perfect way to start your day, use as a lead off workout in a Stoked Stack or to enjoy as a feel good movement snack whenever the mood strikes. There is no wrong time to push play on this mobility infused, strength yielding, core awakening bodyweight workout that will foster a strong mind/mus...

  • Band Burnout MAXOUT *glute/glute medius focus* (endurance strength)

    Episode 2

    Grab your Stoked or Super Stoked Band and get ready for the ultimate glute focused band experience — think glutes greatest hits! You’ll progress through FOUR different positions - side lying, all-fours, plank and standing, for MAXIMUM glute goodness/endurance strength work. And…get STOKED to end ...

  • Upper Body 3 (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 3

    Feel the burn in your shoulders and triceps as you fine-tune your way to sculpted shoulders and triceps (the muscles that are super important in giving the arms shape).