Stoked Stack Attack of the Month — June 2023 💪

Stoked Stack Attack of the Month — June 2023 💪

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Created with the Stoked Ab Challenge in mind for those who want to combine the stack attack and the challenge.

The 7-day Stoked Stack Attack is designed to help you get in the “Stoked Flow” and start your month off right, physically and mentally. Launching on the first of the month, we’re bringing you 7 days of curated, signature Stoked Method programming to set you up for success each and every month.

Remember, after you’ve completed the Stoked Stack Attack use the countless number of programs, challenges and workouts on the #KSFITAPP to keep you consistent and committed or, as always, build your own stack to suit your lifestyle and goals. Whether you're a seasoned Stoked athlete or brand new to the #KSFITAPP, get ready to stoke the fire within and start your month off right!

*The 7 Day Stack will remain on the app for the entire month so truthfully you can crush it at any point*

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Stoked Stack Attack of the Month — June 2023 💪
  • Stoked Ball Stretch — Shoulders/Upper Body

    Episode 1

    Grab your Stoked Ball and sink your shoulders into this one…literally! This magical sequence of moves focuses on shoulder mobility but taps into your upper back as well. This 7 minute #stokedsnack is perfect for activation before upper body workouts or if you’re feeling tightness in your shoulder...

  • Upper Body/Core Stoked Superset Strength Sizzle (Strength)

    Episode 2

    Grab your super size stoked bands, stoked bands and medium/heavy dumbbells and get ready for a back, triceps & core focused strength challenge packed with creative, progressive Stoked Superset combinations - prepare to flow from a dumbbell exercise directly into a partner band move 🔥. You will ne...

  • Triceps Sizzler (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 3

    Get ready to feel the burn in 5 short minutes with this fine tuning triceps ladder. The perfect workout to fire up or finish off the muscle group that is majorly responsible for giving your arms shape.