Stoked Up 24

Stoked Up 24

25 Seasons

Introducing Stoked Up 24, the latest 24-day program launching for the beginning of the new year. Stoked Up 24 is a comprehensive fitness journey featuring curated workouts, also known as Stoked Stacks, designed to maintain your workout consistency while providing progressive challenges.

Make a commitment to yourself by embarking on the new year in a state of optimal health. Prioritize yourself for a dedicated period, engaging in mood-boosting, energy-enhancing, strength-building, and endurance-yielding activities daily.

Experience 24 days of #thestokedmethod, fostering a lasting mind-muscle connection and developing a deeper appreciation for KSFITAPP's innovative "Stoked Stack" mix-and-match approach. Prepare to ignite your passion and approach each session with a smile.

Every day presents an opportunity to move and challenge our bodies, a genuine gift worth embracing. Get ready to embrace Stoked Up 24 and elevate your fitness journey with enthusiasm and determination.

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Stoked Up 24
  • Stoked Ball Stretch — Shoulders/Upper Body

    Episode 1

    Grab your Stoked Ball and sink your shoulders into this one…literally! This magical sequence of moves focuses on shoulder mobility but taps into your upper back as well. This 7 minute #stokedsnack is perfect for activation before upper body workouts or if you’re feeling tightness in your shoulder...

  • Arms/Shoulders/Core & MORE (Strength)

    Episode 2

    grab your Stoked Bands and medium/heavy dumbbells and get ready to rock your upper body/core with a strong focus on building strength and sculpting your shoulders and arms. In true #thestokedmethod style, compound movements which incorporate the Stoked Band will challenge your core (glutes/abs) l...

  • Ab Ladder (Bodyweight Strength)

    Episode 3

    A descending ladder of sit-ups and mountain climbers. Both moves challenge your abs in different ways: sit-ups in a time under tension manner, mountain climbers as dynamic ab work so again, a superset style ladder.