Stoked Up 24

Stoked Up 24

25 Seasons

Introducing Stoked Up 24, the latest 24-day program launching for the beginning of the new year. Stoked Up 24 is a comprehensive fitness journey featuring curated workouts, also known as Stoked Stacks, designed to maintain your workout consistency while providing progressive challenges.

Make a commitment to yourself by embarking on the new year in a state of optimal health. Prioritize yourself for a dedicated period, engaging in mood-boosting, energy-enhancing, strength-building, and endurance-yielding activities daily.

Experience 24 days of #thestokedmethod, fostering a lasting mind-muscle connection and developing a deeper appreciation for KSFITAPP's innovative "Stoked Stack" mix-and-match approach. Prepare to ignite your passion and approach each session with a smile.

Every day presents an opportunity to move and challenge our bodies, a genuine gift worth embracing. Get ready to embrace Stoked Up 24 and elevate your fitness journey with enthusiasm and determination.

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Stoked Up 24
  • Plank Flow (Strength)

    Episode 1

    This full body movement prep series focuses on core strength and mobility. Great as a warm-up or option for a quick exercise snack aka Stoked Snack

  • Jump & Burn 2.0 (Cardio)

    Episode 2

    Jump your way to a lean physique with this high intensity cardio workout which includes intervals of jumping rope and calisthenics guaranteed to leave you STOKED and fully endorphinated.


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  • Butt & Biceps *Band* (Strength + Light Cardio)

    Episode 3

    Grab your Super Stoked band and dumbbells and get ready to hit your glutes and biceps hardcore. This non-stop Stoked style workout will leave feeling strong in all the right places.


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  • Super Size Stoked Band Ab Attack

    Episode 4

    Grab your Super Size Stoked Band AND your Stoked Band - that’s right it’s a double banded workout - and get ready to launch an all out attack on your abs. It’s a five alarm sizzler especially when we hit the Super Size Stoked Band Supine Sprawl (say the 6 times fast). Push play and slay!

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