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Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

BLOCKbuster Cardio

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  • Stoked Ab Wheel/Slider Ab Ladder

    Fast, MEGA fierce and effective - grab your Stoked Ab Wheel &  Stoked Sliders (Kira Kushion optional!) and get ready to roll, slide & flutter kick, laddering your way down to new heights of Ab sizzling action.

    Stoked Ab Wheel:

  • Stoked Sandbell Abs (Strength)

    Get ready to work your abs to the MAX with this more advanced offering that will have you conquering weighted hollow holds (rocking your lower abs), kneeling slams, seated rotational slams, weighted dead bugs and more (including a side of upper body work).

    Add a cameo by Gary and KABOOM - next ...

  • Happy Hips 2.0

    Indulge in this magical mobility sequence  that works both as a hip opener AND as activation , increasing your range of motion  while working  in a little sneaky glute goodness. Revitalized, happy hips guaranteed!

    90/90 Wipers
    90/90 Holds
    90/90 with Hip Rotations
    Quadruped Leg Swings
    Quadruped C...