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Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

(4x3) Full Body Step Shred

New Workouts • 18m

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  • (4x3) Upper Body/Core 2.0

    Get your Stoked Step set and grab one heavy (for you) dumbbell for this intense strength block comprised of four exercises performed three times through. Get STOKED for a challenging Stoked Step three point stance row, presses, halos and more!

  • Stoked Sandbell Strength Sizzle

    Grab your Stoked Sandbell and get ready for a quick, fiery full body strength snack (with a side of sneaky cardio) that covers all the bases - squat, lunge, pull, push and slam your way to an energized fully STOKED physique. This workout is great as a finisher for a #stokedstack or as a stand alo...

  • Band Ab Blast 3

    Grab Your Stoked Band and get ready for seriously focused deep core work that will leave your abs torched in 10!

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