New Workouts

The newest additions to the Stoked app. Find them here first!

  • Stoked Sandbell Abs (Strength)

    Get ready to work your abs to the MAX with this more advanced offering that will have you conquering weighted hollow holds (rocking your lower abs), kneeling slams, seated rotational slams, weighted dead bugs and more (including a side of upper body work).

    Add a cameo by Gary and KABOOM - next ...

  • Happy Hips 2.0

    Indulge in this magical mobility sequence  that works both as a hip opener AND as activation , increasing your range of motion  while working  in a little sneaky glute goodness. Revitalized, happy hips guaranteed!

    90/90 Wipers
    90/90 Holds
    90/90 with Hip Rotations
    Quadruped Leg Swings
    Quadruped C...

  • (4x3) Full Body Step Shred

    Get your Stoked Step. one heavy (for you) dumbbell and a set of medium weights ready - full body fire is on tap! Prepare to seamlessly transition from a strength MEGA MOVE to a Stoked Step plyometric sequence & cardio core. Top off the block of work with an UB strength dumbbell isolation. FOUR m...

  • (4x3) Upper Body/Core 2.0

    Get your Stoked Step set and grab one heavy (for you) dumbbell for this intense strength block comprised of four exercises performed three times through. Get STOKED for a challenging Stoked Step three point stance row, presses, halos and more!

  • Stoked Sandbell Strength Sizzle

    Grab your Stoked Sandbell and get ready for a quick, fiery full body strength snack (with a side of sneaky cardio) that covers all the bases - squat, lunge, pull, push and slam your way to an energized fully STOKED physique. This workout is great as a finisher for a #stokedstack or as a stand alo...

  • Band Ab Blast 3

    Grab Your Stoked Band and get ready for seriously focused deep core work that will leave your abs torched in 10!

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  • Stoked Step Sport 2.0

    Get your Stoked Step set right and get ready for a 18 minute cardio party thats sure to boost your mood and get your heart pumping! Get STOKED for high energy basic step choreography combined with sporty intervals That’s right - it’s time to STOKEDIFY your step work. Want more? Stack this offerin...

  • Lower Body Build & Core Burn (Strength & Low Impact Cardio)

    Grab your Stoked Sliders and one heavy dumbbell and get ready to focus on your legs, glutes and core with a side of cardio. Foundational anchor strength exercises (squats & deadlifts) will lead off circuits followed by spicy layered slider sequences to rock your core. Get STOKED to BUILD strength...

  • Wake Up Get Stoked 3.0

    The perfect way to start your day, use as a lead off workout in a Stoked Stack or to enjoy as a feel good movement snack whenever the mood strikes. There is no wrong time to push play on these mobility infused, core awakening flows. Get STOKED for sequences that will foster a strong mind/muscle c...

  • Stoked AthletiCORE SHRED 2.0 (strength + cardio)

    Get ready for the ultimate full body fire mash-up of two of the KSFITAPP’s most popular formats: 20 minutes of AthletiCORE style full body endurance strength fine tuning (Stoked Bands, Stoked Ball, light weights) to both begin AND end the workout, with 30 minutes of Stoked Shred 360 style work -...