Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge

Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge

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Traveling over the long weekend? Looking for a challenging program to get you ready (and STOKED) for summer?

The Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge is designed to keep you STOKED on the go. Grab your most packable, travel-friendly Stoked Gear and get ready to STOKE THE FIRE WITHIN with this intense 5-day challenge.

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Stoked (Geared) Up For Summer Challenge
  • Band Lower Body Activation (Warm-up/Strength)

    Episode 1

    Grab your Stoked Bands and get ready to warm-up and prepare your lower body for work. This movement prep/activation workout will help you move better and feel more connected. It’s also great if you need a quick “Stoked Snack” during your day.


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  • Lower Body/Core 4.0 Slider Sizzle (Strength/Light Cardio)

    Episode 2

    Grab your Stoked Sliders and get ready for some seriously spicy lower body (glute, quad, hamstring focus) strength work combined with epic core/ab sequences. In true Stoked Style, you’ll even benefit from sneaky upper body work sprinkled in. Perhaps this workout should come with a “highly flamma...

  • Ab Ladder (Bodyweight Strength)

    Episode 3

    A descending ladder of sit-ups and mountain climbers. Both moves challenge your abs in different ways: sit-ups in a time under tension manner, mountain climbers as dynamic ab work so again, a superset style ladder.

  • Inner Thighs (with a side of glutes)

    Episode 4

    Grab your Stoked Ball (or Stoked Block) and get ready to wake up and WORK your inner thighs during this quick, highly focused offering…without ever leaving your mat! (think Stoked “lounge” position 😜). Perfect for activation to prep for another lower body workout, as a finisher, or as a #stokedsn...