Stoked Up 22

Stoked Up 22

22 Seasons

Stoked Up 22 is a 22-day program consisting of curated workouts (aka Stoked Stacks), designed to help you stay consistent with your workouts while properly challenging you in a progressive manner.

Commit to yourself by starting the year in a place of good health — you deserve to put YOU first for a dedicated amount of mood-boosting, energy-enhancing, strength-building, endurance-yielding, results-driven time each day.

22 days of #thestokedmethod work that will inspire long-lasting mind/muscle connection and an even better understanding of the KSFITAPP’s “Stoked Stack” mix and match style.

Get ready to ignite your fire and embrace the work with a smile.

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Stoked Up 22
  • Full Body - Dynamic Core Warm-Up (B)

    Episode 1

    Focus: Full Body Warm-Up - Dynamic Core
    Equipment: Medicine Ball or Light/Medium Dumbbell

    1. Choppers - 12-15 reps
    2. Rotational Sweep - 10-12 reps ES
    3. Low to High Rotational Chop - 10-12 reps ES
    4. Squat/Chest Press - 8-10 reps with 3 sec hold

    Perform entire circuit 3 times

  • Upper Body/Core (Strength)

    Episode 2

    Arms, Abs, Shoulders, Chest, Back (and some glute work), HIT IT ALL with this upper body focused, Stoked Style (non-stop, every second counts and transitions matter) upper body strength workout.

  • Upper Body 2 (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 3

    Feel the burn in your shoulders and triceps as you fine-tune your way to sculpted shoulders and triceps (the muscles that are super important in giving the arms shape).