Stoked Up 24

Stoked Up 24

25 Seasons

Introducing Stoked Up 24, the latest 24-day program launching for the beginning of the new year. Stoked Up 24 is a comprehensive fitness journey featuring curated workouts, also known as Stoked Stacks, designed to maintain your workout consistency while providing progressive challenges.

Make a commitment to yourself by embarking on the new year in a state of optimal health. Prioritize yourself for a dedicated period, engaging in mood-boosting, energy-enhancing, strength-building, and endurance-yielding activities daily.

Experience 24 days of #thestokedmethod, fostering a lasting mind-muscle connection and developing a deeper appreciation for KSFITAPP's innovative "Stoked Stack" mix-and-match approach. Prepare to ignite your passion and approach each session with a smile.

Every day presents an opportunity to move and challenge our bodies, a genuine gift worth embracing. Get ready to embrace Stoked Up 24 and elevate your fitness journey with enthusiasm and determination.

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Stoked Up 24
  • Stoked Shred 360 Express 11.0 *Step + Weights* (Strength + Cardio)

    Episode 1

    Get your Stoked Step set, grab a set or two of dumbbells (medium & heavy FOR YOU) and get ready to challenge your entire body with this express version of your full body fire favorite (Stoked Shred 360 series). Each highly curated block or strength, cardio, core and sneaky mobility work will cha...

  • Triceps Sizzler (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 2

    Get ready to feel the burn in 5 short minutes with this fine tuning triceps ladder. The perfect workout to fire up or finish off the muscle group that is majorly responsible for giving your arms shape.

  • Band Bridge Burnout 2.0 (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 3

    Grab your SUPER STOKED Band for this quick glute fix with a strong focus on your gluteus medius. Great to prep you for your workout, finish off your glutes or as a quick “Stoked Snack” any time of day.


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