Strong (Stoked) Core Challenge

Strong (Stoked) Core Challenge

7 Seasons

This 7-day challenge will fire up and sizzle your Abs and Glutes in #stokedstyle fine tuning fashion leaving you completely connected, stronger and FULLY STOKED throughout the powerhouse of your body: YOUR CORE. Get ready for 30(ish) minutes a day of form-focused, progressive, results-driven hardCORE work.
Just push play and you’re on your way!

As with all the challenges offered on the KSFITAPP, each days work can be done as a stand alone #stokedstack for the day or combined with other offerings as a more lengthy core-focused activation or finisher option. Reminder — your core isn’t just about working your abs, but CONNECTING your glutes, abs, low back, lats (pretty much everything but your arms/legs) so you can move better, stabilize properly and basically function at YOUR strongest capacity.

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Strong (Stoked) Core Challenge
  • Ab Assault (Strength)

    Episode 1

    Hit your abs hard core with this non-stop bodyweight do-anywhere core workout.

  • Glutes 5 *Stoked Ball* (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 2

    Get ready to fine tune your glutes the MAX using the Stoked Ball for a more refined and intense focus on your hamstrings and an even stronger connection to your core.


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