Gym Time 5-Day Intro Template

Gym Time 5-Day Intro Template

5 Seasons

We've created a simple, 5-day sample Gym Time intro template. This basic plan will allow you to hone in on specific muscle groups each day. Get your feet wet with Gym Time using the intro plan and stay tuned for more curated programs coming soon!

*In true #stokedstyle, feel free to add on fine-tuning from the “Stoked In Studio” Category that targets the focus muscle group(s) of the day*

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Gym Time 5-Day Intro Template
  • Full Body - Dynamic Warm-Up (A)

    Episode 1

    Focus: Full Body - Dynamic Warm-Up
    Equipment: None! Just your bodyweight

    1. Walk-Out Combo - Plank/Thoracic Spine Rotation, 3-5 reps ES alternating
    2. Reverse Hop Plank Combo - Plank/Reverse Bear Crawl/Reverse Hop, 6-8 reps
    3. Traveling (Hamstring) Kicks - 6-8 reps ES alternating
    4. Traveling Qu...

  • Full Body - Legs/Glutes/Shoulders/Core (C)

    Episode 2

    Focus: Lower Body & (touch of) Shoulders/Upper Body
    Equipment: Bench & one heavy dumbbell

    *perform moves 1 & 2 on R side then 1&2 on L side
    1. SL Squat to Lunge - 8-10 reps
    2. Step Up to Shoulder Press - 12 reps
    3. Incline Push-Up with Knee Drive - 12 reps, 3 reps per knee to chest

    Perform ent...

  • Full Body - Posterior Chain (B)

    Episode 3

    Focus: Full Body- Posterior chain
    Equipment: Cable Set-Up with rope attachment

    1. Lunge/Wide Row - 8-10 reps ES
    2. ISO Lunge - 10 pulses followed by 10 sec hold *start with the leg you started with in the first exercise*
    3. Anti-Rotation Cross Body Chop - 10-12 reps ES

    Perform entire circuit 3...

  • Full Body - Upper Body/Core & Cardio Power (D)

    Episode 4

    Focus - Full Body - upper body/core & cardio power
    Equipment - one set of medium/heavy dumbbells & a soft medicine ball (slam ball)

    1. Renegade Row KickBack Burpee Combo - 8-10 reps
    2. Ball Slams - 15-20 reps
    3. Ball knee Drive/Mountain Climbers - 2 ES alternating slow, 10 ES alternating quick