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Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

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  • Advanced Dynamic Mobility Warm Up (Ac...

    This advanced dynamic warmup focuses on dynamic stretching in order to activate your nervous system, improve your blood flow and circulation in order to prep your body for your workout!

    What To Expect:
    8 each side, then move on to the next movement
    Quad Pull to Reverse Lunge with Trunk Rotation

  • Welcome to The Stoked Body Shop

    What Is The Stoked Body Shop?

    Feeling tight? Feeling stiff? Remember — motion is lotion. The Stoked Body Shop is your one-stop shop to tune in and tune up your body.

    Use these expertly choreographed sequences to prep your body before a more intense workout, after a workout to start the recovery...