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Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

Watch this video and more on Kira Stokes Fit

Stoked Up 24

Low Back Love


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  • Happy Hips

    This hip-focused warm up/mobility routine is a great way to temporarily improve the range of motion in your hip joints, which can ease tension in your hips, knees, and even lower back. Keep your hips happy! This program was designed to allow your joints to move more freely so you can crush your n...

  • Single Leg Stability & Strength

    Do you need to focus on single leg stability? Trick question because EVERY BODY needs to! Grab your Stoked Band and get ready for a basic (= foundational) routine that sneaks up on you with it’s burn factor.Try this sequence to help improve your single leg stability, proprioception, and balance. ...

  • Lower Body (B) (Lower Back/Hip)

    This routine focuses on our hips, which can help decrease tension in the hips, lower back, and entire lower extremity. These Hips Focused Mobility exercises can be done in the morning, before or after your workout in order to temporarily increase range of motion and improve blood flow & circu...