Stoked (Geared) Up For the Holidays Challenge EXPRESS 2.0

Stoked (Geared) Up For the Holidays Challenge EXPRESS 2.0

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It’s back, and better than ever! Traveling this holiday season? Looking for an express program to keep you consistent with your fitness? The Stoked (Geared) Up For The Holidays Challenge 2.0 EXPRESS offers 7 days of curated Stoked Stacks using your most-loved and travel-friendly Stoked Gear — all under 40 minutes each day.

Show up as your best self mentally AND physically during this festive time of year...simply push play and get ready to STOKE THE FIRE within!

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Stoked (Geared) Up For the Holidays Challenge EXPRESS 2.0
  • Super Size Stoked Band Upper Body Activation/Burnout (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 1

    Grab your Super Size Stoked Band and get ready for a quick, effective activation snack that focuses on your all-important postural muscles: your back and shoulders (with a bit of a bonus biceps pump). This is a great warm-up or fine-tuning finisher for other upper body-focused workouts on the app...

  • Dynamic Band Lower Body Activation/Burnout (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 2

    Grab your stoked or super stoked band and get ready for a quick, high-energy, super-effective glute-focused activation sequence that will get your blood pumping! This non-stop band party also works great as a lower-body burnout/finisher or #stokedsnack. There’s literally no wrong time to rock thi...

  • Jump & Burn Express

    Episode 3

    Grab your Stoked Rope and get ready for 6 minutes of energy boosting, sweat inducing fun - two intervals of jumping rope, 2 minutes each, with a quick bodyweight cardio circuit in between. Jump & Burn Express is the perfect mood boosting conditioning snack and/or a fab way to start or finish off ...

  • Slider Push-Up/Plank Saw Ladder (Bodyweight Strength)

    Episode 4

    Grab your Stoked Sliders and get ready for a fast and furious upper body and abs focused descending ladder of push-up/slider knee tucks and slider plank saw action. This one is sure to STOKE THE FIRE in your shoulders, chest, arms and abs and works fantastic as a finisher for an upper body or ful...

  • Ab Blast 5 (Endurance Strength)

    Episode 5

    This quick yet super effective, equipment free, time under tension blitz on your abs will leave you feeling the burn and fully STOKED.

  • Slider Band Bridge Burnout

    Episode 6

    Grab your Super Duper Stoked Band and Stoked Sliders for this next level glute and hamstring fix. Not only will your gluteus medius (side booty) see some serious action but your hamstrings will be feeling the love as well with walkouts and hammy slider curls. This 10 minute sizzler works fabulous...