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  • Plank Flow (Strength)

    This full body movement prep series focuses on core strength and mobility. Great as a warm-up or option for a quick exercise snack aka Stoked Snack

  • Ab Assault (Strength)

    Hit your abs hard core with this non-stop bodyweight do-anywhere core workout.

  • Ab Blast (Endurance Strength)

    Get ready to feel the burn with time under tension abdominal work.

  • Ab Blast 2 *Oblique Focused* (Endurance Strength)

    Embrace the burn that sparks change with this time under tension ab workout with a strong focus on obliques.

  • Ab Blast 5 (Endurance Strength)

    This quick yet super effective, equipment free, time under tension blitz on your abs will leave you feeling the burn and fully STOKED.

  • Ab Ladder 2 *Oblique Focused* (Bodyweight Strength)

    A descending ladder of bicycle crunches and cross body mountain climbers. Both moves challenge your abs in different ways (time under tension and dynamic ab work) for another superset style ladder

  • Ab Ladder (Bodyweight Strength)

    A descending ladder of sit-ups and mountain climbers. Both moves challenge your abs in different ways: sit-ups in a time under tension manner, mountain climbers as dynamic ab work so again, a superset style ladder.

  • Curbside Abs - Bodyweight

    Get ready...this side of abs may start off mild but gets spicy real quick!

  • Curbside Abs 2.0

    Get ready to light up your abs/core with this bodyweight only time under tension sizzler!

  • Curbside Retro Abs (Oblique focused)

    I like to call this circuit the “OG of time under tension oblique work” (with a dash of Stoked Spice of course). Drop down and GO!

  • Curbside Core Awakening

    A quick bodyweight snack to activate your core and wake up your upper body. This is a great circuit to use as a warm-up or when you’re hungry for some low impact movement.