Stoked Unleashed

You’re only tied to your environment and/or your body. The gym is everywhere, and this section of the app is designed to offer you workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere with little to no equipment depending on the environment you’re in. GET STOKED to unleash your inner athlete, no excuses!

  • Ab Assault (Strength)

    Hit your abs hard core with this non-stop bodyweight do-anywhere core workout.

  • Pillow Abs (Strength)

    Got a pillow? Stoke your abs to the max with this time under tension ab assault using, you guessed it, a pillow for a prop.

  • Plank Flow (Strength)

    This full body movement prep series focuses on core strength and mobility. Great as a warm-up or option for a quick exercise snack aka Stoked Snack

  • Full Body Bodyweight (Strength + Cardio)

    Your body is the only tool you need for this full body strength and "sneaky cardio" (think cardio core) workout in the comfort of your living room

  • Full Body Pillow (Strength + Light Cardio)

    Challenge your entire body Stoked Style (Constant flow of movement) using just your bodyweight and a pillow.

  • Full Body Couch (Strength)

    You'll never look at your couch (or chair) the same after this full body strength challenge.

  • Full Body Couch 2.0 (Strength & Cardio)

    A progression from the OG Full Body Couch workout, this one gets real spicy real quick. Get STOKED to challenge your strength with bodyweight/couch work and embrace sweaty goodness with strategically placed cardio bursts. Trust - you’ll never look at your couch the same!