Fine Tuning

These 10 minutes or less precise, muscle defining quick hits are designed to be add-ons to the offerings in the other two categories, much like dessert. They cap off and refine your workouts by diving deep into your endurance strength. You can also use these videos as stand alone options on days where you need a quick movement fix.

  • Band Bridge Burnout 2.0 (Endurance Strength)

    Grab your SUPER STOKED Band for this quick glute fix with a strong focus on your gluteus medius. Great to prep you for your workout, finish off your glutes or as a quick “Stoked Snack” any time of day.

  • Band Lower Body Activation (Warm-up/Strength)

    Grab your Stoked Bands and get ready to warm-up and prepare your lower body for work. This movement prep/activation workout will help you move better and feel more connected. It’s also great if you need a quick “Stoked Snack” during your day.

  • Arm Blitz (Endurance Strength)

    Grab a set of dumbbells (light or medium weight - challenge yourself💪) and get ready to feel a serious pump while building strength and tone with this quick, efficient biceps and triceps-focused standing arm workout.